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Celebrating in Paradise

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Hi. I’m back.

There is something I hate about birthdays. So much expectation and build up- and for what? I’m not a fan of parties, dinners or even opening gifts or feeling obligated to attend or buy them.

I know- total Debbie Downer. Don’t care. 

So this year I cut out the b.s. and traveled to paradise with my guy. St Barth’s to be exact.

He’s been traveling to the French Island since he was a kid and was excited to show me around, but I had no idea how magical it truly was until I experienced it.

If you’re thinking about your next trip…here are details of our trip on our travel blog.

I’ll just say it was the best 6 days of my life.







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I’m back.

Leave it to Halloween to bring me back to the blog world…I just get so excited I turn into Claire Dunphy and want to spread spooky creepiness everywhere.

This year’s costume choice left me beyond stumped.

There were the obvious and over-done celeb couples; Miley/Robin, Kim/Kayne and the Duck Dynasty guys.

Alex* and I wanted to do a couples costume- bless his agreeable heart- BUT I refuse to just be a “sexy cop and reno 911 cop” or “sexy cowgirl and Indian”. I need creativity! I need relevance.

He Heisman’ed my AJ MCCarron and Katherine Webb idea (fine they are broken up) as did he when I suggested Kate Upton and Justin Verlander.

BUT- he did agree to be Mike Tyson…and his Tiger.


He wants to kill me for that tat..

I ordered the boxer costume for him on Amazon and the temporary tattoo, as well as the Tiger costume for me. Then I found some cool kat makeup on Pintrest  and added some pin-up style hose from Top Shop and black patent boots for me.


Thanks Youtube!

The effect was perfect- people couldn’t stop laughing at us…which is the ultimate goal.


A very blurry Tiger, Amanda Bynes, Potassium and Deer Head.

This Thursday is the actual Halloween …and costume part deux is in the works….


*Alex is my boyfriend who isn’t a fan of being public…which I’ve respected.


Whiffle Ball at Wrigley & Coolio on the Beach

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Saturday was one of those days that was so bad ass, that you almost don’t want to talk about it because you think people will either think you’re an ass for bragging or lying.

Luckily the internet exists so I can blog about it.

The action started Friday night at Paris Club for a welcome reception for Kerry and Sarah Wood’s annual charity event; Whiffle For A Diffle.

They flew in a TON of random celebs and asked a bunch of local media personalities to play in the tourney and threw a cocktail party to kick it off. Let’s just say that Saturday morning’s 8am wakeup call was a TAD painful after the Friday night fun.

A handful of us- including Bill Murray and Matthew Perry- agreed to be “Celeb Co Captains” at 10am for the corporate teams who played in 4 games all day long. It was about 78 and sunny and we were suited up in full uniforms…polyester uniforms. Sizzle.

Luckily I got paired with my buddy Ernest Wilkins from The Red Eye and the coolest team possible- Chicago Athletic Club’s Blue Team- which was pretty much the only team with women. These girls and guys were WILD and danced the entire time…and let’s just say they had some fans. The only reason we every got on base was because the other team was distracted.


“Team Twerk”


Me and Ernest- not having any fun at all.

Shout out to my girlfriends and Matt (token husband) for coming out to cheer me on.


Nicole, Kat and E Smith and oh…Norm from Cheers…in between games in the United Club

Midway through the day I had to bolt over to North Ave Beach to introduce Coolio for the Players Sport and Social Beach Bash…and clearly I didn’t plan my day because I realized I had to show up to the beach in full uniform. It wasn’t awkward at all….SIIKE.

My friend Erica who was doing the PR gave me a tee to rock and before you knew it Coolio and I were gangstas from another mother. I even gave him a pass for that shiteous U of M hat.


So Gangsta (photo by Francis Son)

After I introed him to a crew of very sweaty and rowdy drunk people, it was back to Wrigley for the Celeb game.

We were given either red or blue uniforms and that determined which team we played for….I got red and so did my favorite actor in the world: Bill Murray.

To listen to Bill give a team pep talk felt just like watching a film. He is hilarious, dead pan and commands a group like no other. I BEGGED him to not allow me an at bat because I didn’t want to strike out in front of a ton of famous people and people in the bleachers. I also begged him to allow me to play catcher- since I figured that was less daunting than shagging fly balls in near the ivy. He asked if I could make a play at the plate if need be, then agreed to let me take the position.


Post Game- I’m near peeing my pants with excitment

Our team was stacked with awesomeness including; Adam Rodriguz, Lee Dwyze, Lisa Gurerro, Finesse Mitchell, Steve McMichael, Derek Lee, Moises Alou and tons of local media peeps like myself.

Kerry Wood pitched the entire time and my job was to basically throw and run the balls back to him and talk smack to the other team. It was a riot. Oh and BTW- they started serving beer and wine at noon and liquor at 4pm…so people were loose.

The other team ended up winning, but no one seemed to actually care and we all headed to John Barleycorn for the after party which was full of dancing and debauchery.

I ended the night with a slice of mac and cheese pizza….which was better than any home run.


Good Day Chicago represent!Me with Anna Davlantes bright and early at 10am.

Pickle Vodka

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This morning at 7:10am I found myself face down in my co worker’s dumpster, digging for Pickle Flavored vodka in a jacket, dress and heels.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at life and I needed it today.

Let me explain….this morning I was doing a “Guilty Pleasures” segment for Fox and the Naked Jay’s Bill Dill was one of my talking points. My co worker Jen McCarthy had tipped me off to the amazing flavor blend and she brought it in for us to try. Then my other co worker, also named Jennifer- took it home. Jennifer left it with her doorman so I could pick it up for my segment. Follow?

Well, this morning when I went to pick it up…the following exchange ensued between me and her doorman:

Me: “Hi, I’m Kelli…Jennifer left a bag for me to pick up.”

Doorman: (in mean gruff voice) “Yeah I threw it out, you can’t leave liquor at the desk!!”

Me: (waiting for him to laugh and say kidding..) “Um, really? Because I need it for a Fox News segment this morning.”

Him: “Yes I am SERIOUS. It’s in the trash.”

Me: “Um, ok…would you mind directing me to the trash.”

So he pointed to the doors that led to a few dumpsters and pointed to the bag that contained the vodka…which was in the back of one of the dumpsters- naturally. Girls gotta do whatever it takes, right?

Watch the segment below:

CelebTV host Kelli Zink`s guilty pleasures for the summer.

More Photo Fun

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All photos: James Atkins Photography





Sunrise Shoot

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After shooting together for Racked’s Shoe Shoot, James Atkins and I couldn’t wait to take more pictures.

I really, really hate having my picture taken, especially if I’m solo..and if I’m sober- forget it. Now, if I’m out with the girls after a few adult beverages- I have no issue if someone goes into Terry Richardson mode and snaps away.

James gets this about me…so we set up a shoot where I’d feel as non-awkward as possible.

That meant a 3am wake up call. YES THREE AM.

We wanted to catch the natural sunrise light down at North Avenue Beach, which happens around 4:30am…so that meant I needed to rise and attempt to shine at the insane early hour. I’m lucky I didn’t burn off my hair while trying to create beachy waves while half asleep.

James showed up right on time and we made our way down to the nearly deserted beach just as the sky went from dark to watercolor. I grabbed a ton of random pieces from my closet and he brought along a watermelon…sounds bizarre but it actually made for some of my favorite photos.

Since people were spilling out of the bars as we headed to the beach, I didn’t feel THAT bad about relaxing with an adult cocktail to loosen up for the skin-baring shots.

Let me explain why I wanted to do a shoot that is borderline “WTF”. See, someday I’ll be trying to remember what it was like to not hate my body and I’ll want to show people proof that I woke up and did crazy early yoga. So trust me, in no way do I think I’m a model or super sexy….I just think embracing who you are is empowering.

As the 600+ shots started coming thru to my email, I wanted to cry- he really knows what he’s doing.

Here are a few of my favorites:






Thinking about doing a photo shoot? Hire this man.

James Atkins beach knees blacksweater

Love Yo SELF

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Saturday’s SELF Magazine event was wild.

The rain held off, my friends came and did almost EVERY single class and the park was packed.


Lexi, Gable, Policy, Me and E Smith attempting a jump shot. Lex’s Mom was in town from Denver and not only did she take this shot, but she was working out all day along side the ladies like a champ!

I had 0 plans to do the workouts and didn’t even wear a sports bra- but the workouts looked like so much fun that I jumped in and sampled lots of classes. Let me tell you- jumping jacks in a push up are a real blast.



Katie Cassidy was not only doing all the workouts, but of course she looked amazing after. Damn celebs always keep it so tight. Plus- she was really nice and open to shoot some fun stuff with us.


Celebs are robots who always look perfect, and I’m cool with dat.


The girls from Skirt PR not only got the event TONS of press beforehand, but they were on point during as well. A great PR team can make or break the experience…and they were on their game from the moment I arrived until they put me into my Uber to go home.

And of course the entire staff at SELF keep me well prepped and made my job easy…and we had some laughs too. Hail to the V!

Six hours of pep, workouts and talking can really drain a person- who knew right? So after I literally sat on my couch for an hour and zoned out in silence.

But that’s the meaning of a great day of work, right? You gave it so much that silence is enough.

Get YourSELF in Shape

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Next weekend come hang with me and Katie Cassidy (from Arrow!) and workout with SELF Magazine in Chicago.

This is a fantastic networking event if your looking to get into health and fitness, plus it’s a ton of fun and an actual workout.

Plus, there’s tons of free stuff and it’s only $20 bucks to get in- no excuses!

See you there?

Watch the Finished Today Segment!

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Today Show Segment

It aired!

Today in Chicago

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A few months ago, I was contacted by a Today Show producer about doing a segment on Chicago nightlife with E! and Today Show Correspondent Jason Kennedy. Then the weather freaked out and the Today crew’s Chicago show got nixed, along with the segment.

This Wednesday they’re coming back to Chicago and Saturday, Jason and I got to shoot our piece.

I tried to pick a variety of places that showed off the different aspects of what we do here in Chicago, and I hope people feel like I rep’ed our city well.

Jason is HILARIOUS. He’s truly one of the funniest and most witty people I’ve ever worked with. We shot from 2:30-11:00pm and he kept me laughing the entire time. Not only that, but he’s professional, humble and kind. He fed the limo driver, always helped the crew carry their gear and was extremely gracious with fans. Plus he’s super down to earth…I got VERY lucky to work with someone so inspiring.

Our crew and producer Josh were also fantastic, and we had some moments that I wish people could see; like when our camera guy was standing out of the sunroof of their SUV shooting our limo on a packed Lincoln Ave.


Our crew after wrapping at Studio Paris

I also conquered my fear of sober (ish) karaoke for the shoot (truth be told I did a shot before singing TWO duets). I HATE singing but Jason made it less painful as he pumped up the crowd.

I can’t wait to see how Josh turns 9 hours into about 3 mins…and I hope you’ll tune in with me on Wednesday!


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