“I’m not a writer- I just blog a lot.”

I eat almost all natural foods, workout 6 days a week, drink liters of water and go to sleep at 8:30 4 days a week- and yet I still managed to get sick.

I’m blaming it on the daily stress of being on-camera (www.celebtv.com), meeting my deadline for Michigan Avene Magazine, and my weekly visits to NYC for “The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet” (www.mandjshow.com). Also the fact that I try to party like a rockstar at least once a week probably isn’t helping my cause…

Being sidelined from CelebTV.com has forced me to sit alone and slow down. During this time I cleaned, caught up on Gossip Girl and other addictions, and scoured the internet. Immediatly I became addicted to friends’ blogs and wanted my own- hence- the birth of kellizink.com.

Living on the “Z” list is pretty cool- and I invite anyone to live vicariously through me (and my horrible spelling). Best part is- you can save yourself the stress, workouts, healthy eating, hangovers, layovers and cash.

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