One of the perks of working in entertainment is having a plasma tv at my desk. I watch MSNBC’s Morning Joe, The Today Show, Regis and Kelly, The View, E! News, The Daily 10 and then normally put on MSNBC or Fox News. Sometimes I flip on reruns of The Hills, Real Housewives or another fun show- but today I got a treat- Shopgirl!

I am not a huge fan of movies- I am not good at sitting still in the dark for hours and movies tend to take me to emotional places I am not in the mood for at that moment. I much prefer sports or hours of television- but films are important to both my job and society- so I do my best to watch.

There are a few films I adore. Good Will Hunting, Great Expectations, and Shopgirl top that list. After reading Steve Martin’s novella I was dying to see Shopgirl- and altough films are never as great as the book- I became an instant fan none the less.

My favorite part is the end and Steve Martin’s quote about love- gets me every time.

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