“Fridays with Ryan”

Ryan Preuett is not only a great friend- but he is the most fun person I know to go out with. When I told him that this afternoon he asked; “Why?”.

That got me thinking… What does make someone a fun companion?

Here is what I came up with:

  • You can take them anywhere with full confidence that they won’t “fall into a table when you are in the restroom.” (Ryan’s quote- I can’t take credit)
  • They know everyone and remember names. Ryan is stealth about this- as a person approaches he will remind me who they are … “Devil Wears Prada” -style.
  • They get along with everyone. My friends are all over the map- different colors, professions, sexual prefs, ages… the list goes on.
  • Good wing man/woman. Ryan will intro himself as a “friend” right away and he even made a stop so I could see my crush.
  • They are funny and keep me and everyone around them entertained.
  • They are tolerant. Of me. Once I have more than two adult beverages.
  • They will re-hash the night in detail the next morning- possibly over brunch.

I am inspired once again to be a good friend and fun for people around me when I venture out.

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