“Behind the scenes with a Baldwin brother”

As part of “The Monday Morning Mix” on “The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet”, I get to work with a celebrity guest each week. I join Eqypt and Michelle Collins in the hair and make up room where the fun begins.

This week the talented staff who makes us over before each show commented: “You girls are on fire today!” as we laughed and joked about our topics. The reason for our giddy behavior? The 4th rotating seat would be filled with a Baldwin brother!

Growing up guys’ looks were always measured to the breathtaking brothers. The movie “Clueless” said it best; “He’s a total Baldwin!”. Our Balbro (Jo-bro- get it?) of choice was none other than TV, film and reality king- Steven Baldwin.

Michelle, who is the funniest person I’ve ever met (mind you I’ve met Larry David) was so excited to meet her favorite cast member from “The Celebrity Apprentice” that she was on fire with the one-liners.

As the three of us stood outside his dressing room and began our pre-show pow-wow, Steven sat inside casually in jeans and a black tee shirt noshing on breakfast of a muffin, his back to us. We gabbed about our opinions of the new blockbuster movie “Twilight”, until Egypt’s comments of Vampires reminding her of her draining ex caused him to slowly turn around, get out of his chair, saunter over – the way only a Baldwin could- smile and ask “So who are you people and what’s going on?”.

Michelle dove in and started the intros and immediately asked if he really had Miley Cyrus’s name tattooed on his bicep. Steven shook our hands, asked out names, repeated them as to commit them to memory, and pulled up his sleeve revealing the HM (Hannah Montana) tat.

Our producers walked over and went through the order of topics; “Twilight” and why women dig vampires, Sara Palin’s turkey interview, a jilted bride suing her groom, Hillary’s new title and re-gifting. Steven, an avid born again Christian with young children, shared his strong opinions on Vampires being too sexy for kids and his friendship with the Alaskan Governor.

Being around Michelle and Egypt- I tend to listen and observe rather than talk. Steven picked this up and turned to me:

SB: “And look at you- so sweet, nice and quiet.”

KZ: “I’m neither sweet, nice nor quiet so I must have you fooled.”

SB: “Come on- look at you- so timid and cute!”

KZ: “I’m saving the gold for the show- I am going to slay you.”

SB: (Not knowing if he should take me seriously) “What!?!?”

KZ: “Our opinions of TV and politics vary and I’m not afraid to tell ya exactly how I’m feelin’.” (Sweet smile)

SB: (To the producers and other girls) “Wow- I guess she is serious!”

We both laughed after this exchange and the four of us happily bounced ideas off each other until it was time to be taken to the set. As we were walking out Steven turned to me pointed and said; “I’ll be watching you!”

The segment flew by and I actually agreed with Mr. Baldwin most of the time- keeping fireworks at bay. Things heated up briefly between him and Eqypt over politics -great TV.

After, back in the green Steven high with live TV energy, turned to us and said:


SB: “Ok- tell me one more time where you girls work so I can tell my daughters..”

MC: “I work at VH-1.. So if you ever need a hook up….”

Egypt: “BET, radio….”

KZ: “CelebTV.com and Sprint”

SB: “Yeah- you come up on AOL when I check my email, right? CelebTV.com!”

KZ: (Dumbfounded and radiant- so pumped that he not only knew about the site but seemed to be a semi-fan)

Beaming, the four of us said our good-byes and walked out to our waiting cars. Finally Egypt exclaimed: “Does anyone have a camera?” With stealth-like speed, I pulled my blackberry out and the four of us posed on the NYC street.

Of course the mobile device, meant for talking and typing on- not taking portraits-needed adjusting. Steven waited without a trace of diva for me to fix the zoom function exclaiming: “Wow- she fixed it- like a cute IT chick!” The four of us smiled and the moment was captured forever.

Our cars, ,sick of waiting for the photo session to be over were now circling the block- equaling more QT with the Balbro.

Steven once again used the word I normally find so painful “cute”- but coming from a Baldwin it’s blissful. I remarked that if he had any “cute” single friends he should send them my way. His reply:

SB: “I do sweetie- but they are all born again Christians….”

KZ: “I’m catholic! But I guess I do believe in premarital everything…”

With that he laughed, hopped in his town car and took off- leaving the three of us for once, speechless.

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