“Revealing questions”

Today’s Chicago Woman just gave me the huge honor of being a part of their Feb 2009 singles issue.

Part of the process is a large questionaire that is both entertaining, thought provoking and things I don’t think of on a daily basis. A few were easy to answer- others I’m still trying to articulate.

For example:

1. What is your fail-safe first date?

Drinks is the easy answer. But a great first date to me is something physical. I went out with a guy who took me on a bike ride to me that was fantasitc. It didn’t involve cash, showed he was athletic, took place in the day time, and didn’t involve a hangover. Dates should be fun and engaging, yet easy.

15. What is the kindest thing you’ve ever done for someone?


23. I know I’m ready to bring a guy home to my parents when….


I am going to have to figure out these questions and myself by December 8th, we will see if I ever get a date in Chicago again.

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