“A little bit smarter…”

Because I work hard, I don’t feel horrible indulging sometimes. Things I tend not to compromise on are the food I put in my body, and avoiding public transportation.

I know it’s not smart , but I would rather pay for a forty dollars for a cab -then ride the el train to the airport for only two. I can’t control the train or the people riding it- and i’ve heard enough horror stories to keep me off of both that and the bus.

But I need to change my ways. With everything so unstable I need to be smarter with cash. For instance; I just paid 8 dollars for a roasted veggie sandwich from Starbucks. I only ate the middle of the sandwich, which resulted in 5 bites of food. Ridiculous. I need to start grocery shopping and packing snacks and food. On my Sunday airport ride, the nice man who drives me was explaining how he saves cash by never spending over 5 dollars a meal- ever.

Five dollars?! My lunch at Rockit today was 13- and then the 8 dollar snack. Point being- I need a major makeover in that department.

My issue is eating healthy with little cash- it’s nearly impossible. There aren’t many vegan fast food joints around town- and healthy food just costs more.

I’ve made myself over in other ways- and this will process will be no different. My plan is to challenge my “lunch partner in crime” Jennifer Fisher, that we should both bring lunches all week when we get back. Jen is always up for my crazy ideas…

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