“Say yes”

After a long first year in Chicago, last May I decided to say “yes” to almost everything. This includes events, functions, parties, and even dates. So far it’s been awesome- I joined a volleyball team and met countless friends.

Last night I said yes to a party at Angels and Kings even though it was a “school night”. The party was hosted by Don Julio which happens to be my favorite kind of tequila. I went with three of my guy friends, and the party did not let me down. My friend Nick is traveling around the world for a few months and he was even funnier than normal. I love listening to guys give each other advice on text messages and females in general. All three guys admitted that they are simple creatures and easy to figure out.

My night continued after AK as my friend Cameron and I walked over to Manor to see my friends the Melmans.  These siblings work crazy hours and I rarely get to spend time with them outside of Hub51, but last night they made it out and we danced for hours.

At 2 am (which is six hours past my curfew) we headed to the new “hot spot” Stay. It’s Manor’s VIP lounge and it just opened. It’s small and mostly tables, with a very “LA” feel. The guys at Manor are amazing with customer service. They remember everyone’s names, and always make sure we are taken care of- which is the reason i’ve started to go there. I’m not a fan of clubs, but lately I’ve been spotted in Manor’s “kitchen” laughing with friends way past my bedtime.

The dancing continued from there- and while it was so worth it- I am a bit tired today…

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