“The Lions are turkeys”

Thanksgiving isnt my favorite holiday. I don’t eat turkey and I’m not a huge fan of coming home to Detroit, and for most of my life I worked on the holiday.

This year I dont have to work and I’m sitting on my couch with my parents watching the Lions game. I refuse to give up on the team even though the Titans ran an end around on them for their first offensive play- and it worked. It wont be long before I get off of this great couch and go for a run.

My brother Kyle just called, he is in Boston and planning on having a chicken for dinner with his roomate, they drank a 24 pack of beer last night.

Last night was very entertaining. I was in a bar with the guy who broke my heart in 4th grade, my high school crush (now married with a baby), the guy I went to junior prom with, Jake, and 200 of the people who watched me grow up.

I can’t stand the fact people still smoke in bars in Michigan, and it blows my mind how unhealthy people are in my hometown. Most of the girls gave me dirty looks until they realized that i’ve never been mean or snobby- and have no plans of changing. Lots of the guys (buzzed) told me how they’ve seen me on TV, one former football player even broke down my last show in detail.

All of the attention made me uncomfortable, but proud as well. I’ve worked really hard to get to this place, and i’m happy to be viewed as a success in my home town.

Once again I had to defend the fact that i’m single- over and over. I can’t explain why at 28 and 3/4 I still havent settled down- but talking to Jake helped me work that out a little more.

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  1. Jana says:

    Wow Kelli- you sure tell it like it is especially the women giving you dirty looks. I have been going through the same exact thing as you every time I go back to Plymouth. I mean I get daggers thrown at me especially this one time when a movie I was in was airing on HBO and I ran into Marisa Kovach (my arch nemesis in highschool) while she was working at Outback in Canton. She was throwing daggers at me boy! That was awesome!! So enjoy your success Kelli and hopefully we will meet up on the red carpet soon. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving. I don’t eat Turkey either…

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