“What were you like in high school?”

Tonight is my ten year reunion from Plymouth Salem high school, and I’m anxious.

4 years at a school of 5,000 kids was quite the ride. We didn’t have a prom king or queen, no one was voted “most likely” to do anything, and there was more than one group of “cool kids”.

I was a mix of everything… Being a cheerleader gave me a little cred, and allowed me to be friends with the basketball and football players. My long hours in the theater introduced me to people that were talented and different from the rest of the school- we ate our lunch in the theater and spent weekends painting sets.  Student council kids were brilliant, hard working… and a bit socially “different”- but accepted me even when I came up with crazy themes for spirit week.

Then there were my guy friends… Larry, Zach, Matt, the twins, Dave- they saw me through my homecoming crown, plays, first drink, and mean girls. When my college boyfriend dumped me, Larry took me for ice cream and made me eat. When I drank too much on NYE, Brandon held my hair. I can’t wait to see these guys who are mostly all married with families.

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