“I can’t believe you actually showed up!”

My reunion rocked.

Even though the lights were on 3/4 of the night all the way up and we had to wear name tags.

Even though the DJ kept getting on the mic and yelling “do you guys remember this one? I played it at your prom!”

Even though I forgot the fact I knew two of my friends fiances and re introduced myself.

Seeing my crew of guy friends brought me back to what friendship means, and by the end of the night I was forgiven for missing weddings, and not always returning phone calls.

Rachel and Andrea were exactly like high school- and I finally admitted to Rachel how I used to idolize her.

Kim, Collette, Chloe and I crammed into the photo booth and took some amazing shots which I will post soon.

Zach B and Dave reminded me how I dressed as Elaine for the Seinfeld finale party.

Rick Eva (who looks exactly like the guy from lost) saved me from a former co worker who was telling me how he now saves people’s souls.

Anwar Crutchfield wins for Top 10 “feel-good even if they are not true” comments. He told me he was shocked that a major celeb like myself (!?!?!) would actually show up, and he was very proud to tell his friends he grew up with me. I almost cried.

Most all of my classmates had kind words for me and my career, and they were truly proud that I stuck with my goal.

I was drunk with appreciation…

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