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Here come the girls: Mariah and Miley, the Oscar hopefuls

Posted By: Marc Lee at Dec 2, 2008 at 11:54:10 [General]

Pop diva Mariah Carey has been exciting fevered comment among online movie geeks as much as the usual goggle-eyed celebrity watchers this week.

The gossip is that the 38-year-old warbler with a five-octave range is “fuming” that her husband of seven months Nick Cannon has been blabbing about their pre-marital arrangements, which were, apparently, pure and chaste.

reports: “After hearing Cannon’s comments about the couple’s pact to abstain from sex until they were lawfully named man and wife, the singer was furious because she thought he went too far.”
Or didn’t. Anyway: “Carey insists that it was not necessary for her husband to tell the world that [they] waited until their wedding night to have sex for the first time.”
Happily, some of the heat has been taken out of this scorcher of a story with the release of Carey’s new single. The song features in her latest movie Tennessee, which is getting a limited screening in Los Angeles this month to ensure eligibility for next February’s Academy Awards.
According to Pop & Hiss, the LA Times music blog, “Tennessee tells the story of two brothers who go off in search of their estranged father. Along the way, they run into Carey’s Krystal, who is fleeing an abusive husband.”
Krystal is an aspiring singer, affording Carey the opportunity to deliver her big number with Right to Dream, a soulful paean to optimism and self-empowerment. The sound is stripped back, with Carey – gentle, breathy, yearning – accompanied by little more than acoustic guitar.
And it will be the song, not Carey’s onscreen performance, that will be getting the big Oscar push over the next few weeks.
Remember her acting debut in Glitter (2001)? That film was, said The New York Times, “an unintentionally hilarious compendium of time-tested cinematic clichés” in which “Ms Carey, filmed mostly to focus attention on her gleaming white smile and the amplitude of a bosom accented by tight or low-cut tops, is simply inadequate as an actress to the relatively undemanding emotional range of the story”.
Mariah was the winner – by a mile – of the Golden Raspberry Award for worst actress of 2001.
Meanwhile, back in this year’s Oscar race, Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus may also be daring to dream about lofting the statuette for best original song three months from now, when she’ll still be in her mid-teens.

‘s Kelli Zink (who wins this week’s best-byline award) says: “You may know her as a sweet-sixteen Disney superstar, but now some people are saying Miley Cyrus could be up for an Oscar.”
Cyrus is co-writer of I Thought I Lost You, a duet she shares with John Travolta in the forthcoming animated movie Bolt, the story of a dog who believes he has superpowers.
The song is, says Zink, “getting rave reviews”. One of them is from Travolta himself, who says: “I was really jazzed. This is not your average song. This is above the norm. I’ve been around longer than most people, so I know the difference.”
John “Jazzed” Travolta is 54.

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