“Oh Avery”

Sean Avery and I met in 2002. I was a bartender, he was a Red Wing drinking beer at my bar.

He was a fan of the ESPN show I was on, and invited me to a game.

Yada yada… we dated on and off for a year.

When Aves got transfered to LA Kings, I also moved to LA and we remained close friends. On Halloween I drank with him and his girlfriend Rachel Hunter. I cheered at his games, and drank with Elisha Cuthbert down in the Staples Center. I asked him guy advice, talked about family, career and eventually- fashion.

He moved to NYC, we visited. Lolla in Chicago- we had drinks.

Recently he came to visit and we got into an argument… Sean is quite stubborn.

When I heard about the “sloppy seconds” comment I laughed. It’s true- his ex’s date hockey players… and I think it’s hilarious that Aves got a rise out of the media.

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