“Party Jitters”

30 min count down till I have a party.

My 2005 bday ended in disaster as I was kicked out of my venue in Santa Monica and missed “Matt Leinert, Kirk Herbstreet and Chris Fowler”. My NFL buddies were not too happy with me either…

2006 was MNF drinking wine with Coach Mooch and eating choco chip cookies from Gina

2007 Tavern Martinis with the boss and the worst MSNBC hit EVER.

2008 Best bday ever so far. Thanks Aaron and Jonathan, My awesome CelebTV.com friends, Freshii and Berry Chill, Donnie, all of my rad facebook friends,my parents, Gina and Selik for calling, and Sara and Renee from Maven.

I am hoping my party is fun, that people show up and that they stay. I also hope I don’t get excited and drink too much champagne or indulge in tequila. Staying out later than Cinderella would be nice too… I would like to hit AK and maybe Manor, UG or Stay.

Also- congrats to Trevor who got a MAJOR promotion today!

Not on the “nice” list:

RE, my brother, RH, PL and MS.

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