What a weekend. I have such amazing friends- it’s unreal. I feel unworthy of the past few days.

The party was amazing- I can’t thank Donnie enough- the cake alone was over the top!

My cousin Andy gets MVP for coming into the city and staying with me to the bitter end. Vince- I do have your coat…

My friends Lauren and Susan are the kind of girls everyone wants to be or be with. They are funny, witty, stylish, outgoing, friendly and drop dead gorgeous. We went to dinner at HUb51 friday, then downstairs to Sub for some dancing. The fantastic Melman bros outdid themselves again- this time by giving me a table for my bday gift.  The dj at Sub kept me dancing- the fun kind- I felt like I was back in college.

Saturday I found myself at The James Hotel meeting Lauren for a glass of wine, as we waited for her friends to join us.  The two boys arrived and we went to the Bulls game (they played the Wizards- BORING). We dropped the boys off at Joe’s for the fight and went to Rockit for a quick bite.

Thank you Arturo for buying our dinner! It is a great feeling to have friends in from NYC and feel proud to show off my favorite Chicago places.

The boys arrived at Rockit and the four of us went to AK. Susan joined for a dance before we headed to Underground.

It seemed everyone was out last night, and before I knew it my college roommate and I were dancing- champagne in hand.

I finally called it a night- and went home to update twitter/fb and pack for NYC.

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