“And The Kick Is Good….”

Waiting till 11pm to meet friends on a school night for me is darn near impossible.

Watched the game with a friend who doesn’t follow the game- which was actually quite fun.

3rd quarter- convinced it’s a Bears win…

Robbie’s kick sends the game to OT- I know it’s going to be a late night.

Friends meet at Tavern, still wearing game credentials, in huge winter coats.

Benny is the best- gave us a nice place to sit .

Picked producer and director’s brains about how they thought the game went.

Marshall finally showed up.

Team field trip to Dublin’s.

People think NFL Players want to “hit clubs”- so far from the truth.

Dive bars rock.

3: 30 am- White Hen employee: “You’re an hour early today lady!”

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