Cutting drinking, working with a trainer and changing the way I eat helped me lose lbs and get healthy.

Now snow and ice are making my runs nearly impossible.

A steady stream of birthday and holiday parties have  increased drinking.

and… I’ve given in and indulged in champagne, and a few late-night meals.

It has creeped back up on me… and it’s time to kick back into high gear.

Working out twice a day is tough- in the winter- even worse. My goal is to hit the gym pre-breakfast at least twice a week- nothing crazy- just adding a 30 min trail run on the tredmill.

Next- is to take advantage of the classes at Equinox. Michael is convinced that cross training is key- ie; spinning, kick boxing, and MAYBE a pilates class.

Third- I am cutting “cocktails” to once a week. Yes. Once.

This morning I added 30 mins to my tred workout- totaling an hour. Michael has promised to help me every step of the way.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a day to day struggle… but the payoff is incredible!

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