“Fake Pancakes”

mini-obama          Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate.

For my other friends- Happy Day Off.

I attempted to make my famous pancakes, minus the egg whites. Problem is that the egg white are what make them work, so I pretty much had a bowl of really good oatmeal.

Here is my recipie:

Reduced sugar apple cinn oatmeal, bananna, blueberries, canned pumpkin, splenda, cinn, and a little water. (4 egg whites- if eggs are your thing). Mix it all together – spray a pan with non stick spray and pour the batter into the pan. Flip it when the edges brown.

Trust me- it rocks.

My mom is laughing up a storm to “A Christmas Story” on TBS just like she does every year… I don’t get it.

Last night the Zink family all got together to celebrate. There were about 20 kids running around including my cousin’s adopted twins- Matthew and Katlin. These two are my favorite- and the most likely the only other Zinks who voted for Barack. I called Matthew “mini Obama” all night long…

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