“It’s Changed My Entire Life!”

Ellen just told Randy Jackson that she’s Vegan now and it’s “changed her life”.  She’s lost a ton of weight and says she’s never had more energy. I have to agree.

I had the best meal I’ve ever eaten from Karyn’s Raw last night. Strong statement. I had a “BLT”- which has “fakin'” (a lettuce that has a smoky taste), lettuce, tomato and a nut puree all smashed in between two slices of “bread”. It’s delicious. Laugh and crinkle your nose all you want- until you try it and are hooked.

Today- was a tuna salad for breakfast topped with salsa

a snack consisting of chickpeas, artichoke hearts, avocado, water chesnuts, beets,  tumeric, paprika and ginger

and then 2 mini tuna salad cups with the other half of avocado.

Tonight is Equinox’s 5th anniversary and they are doing a two hour spinning extravaganza. I am both excited (my new pink heart rate monitor came today) and scared (2 hours is a long time).

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