“Beating Winter Blues”

Traveling on a weekly basis, staying out late and waking up at the crack of dawn will eventually catch up with a person.

I’ll admit to keeping a Purel pump in my near reach, and inhaling Emergen C like it’s going out of style- but even I am not safe. I went to the vitamin shop around the corner and they recommended the following: “Wellness Formula” tablets, a B-12 tab that you place under your tongue, and tons of water. I also went to CVS and gave them my address and passport in order to get the  Sudafed they keep behind the counter.

I’ll admit that the Sudafed gave me a huge boost of energy- and I felt better for about 4 hours.

Bottom line is- there is no way to actually beat a cold. No amounts of Airborne, Zicam, hand-washing or going to bed early will help. The secret to putting up a good fight is to pump your body with enough vitamin c that it is fooled with quick boosts of energy to get you through your day.

Real Sudafed =’s bliss…

My Defense

My Defense

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