“Kiss Kiss”

I am all for drama (yes I was hoping M.I.A’s water would break during the show), but Chris Brown really took things too far Sunday.

As the plane touched down in NYC -I got an email from Geraldo’s producer asking me to join the show to discuss celeb meltdowns. This completely changed the dynamic of my night- since the show tapes from 10-11 pm- and I’m usually asleep by 8:30 on Sunday nights.

Chilling out in my hotel room- Grammy red carpet show on the TV, laptop in front of me- laughing at Secreast’s questions- all of a sudden everything came to a screeching halt.

Neither Chris Brown or his girlfriend Rihanna would be showing up to preform- rumor had it- Brown had beat her up pretty good.

Talk about a celeb meltdown!

As I was in hair and make up, Geraldo came in and I pitched him the Chris Brown story. At first he thought it wasn’t the FNC audience, but within mins- he changed his mind and decided to go with the story.

As I was being walked to the set, I got an update that Brown had turned himself in- and within 3 mins I was reporting that info live on national TV. I stayed on the set for 2 segments, joined by two lawyers to discuss A-Rod’s steroid drama- a topic  that was literally thrown at me live on TV.

I live for that kind of rush- it’s the best part of the job.

Less than 7 hours later, I was back in the Fox Studios this time joined by Kim Coles for a much lighter segment of topics. Kim and I worked together on I-Village and I couldn’t wait to be around her energy again.

Then it was right back to Chicago and CelebTV.com studios…

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