“Vegan Knows Best”

Writing for CheekyChicago.com is something I’m very excited about- and i’m taking all of your questions on health and fitness- I’ll answer them on Wednesday’s on Cheeky.

Since so many people wrote in with great questions I’ll also post answers here.

Q: So I am at place where I am SO unhappy with my weight. It’s not that I am really overweight, just about 10 pounds that have crept on me out of no where. I really need to lose it and I can’t find the motivation.  Can you please give me some tips on how to jump start my weight-loss? Tell me what to cut out and I will do it, tell me how to work out and i will do it. I am really unhappy.

A: It sounds like you are 4 weeks away from sliding back into those skinny jeans. 10 lbs can sneak up on us way too quickly.

Your motivation is confidence- and feeling beautiful. Looking at pictures and in the mirror with confidence and always feeling ready for any event that may pop up.

If snacking has been the culprit- then you may need to keep a food diary. It sounds crazy and annoying but it works. Once you see what you are eating, and add up those calories- you may be shocked with “mindless munching”. It’s also important to note what time of day you are eating and how you are feeling. If your co-workers are snacking around you and a craving for cookies comes on- you may not be hungry- rather effected by the “trigger food”. Aim to eat about 1500 calories a day.

What are you drinking? Cutting out liquid calories make a huge impact. No more lattes, sodas, juices or anything that has calories in it. Add crystal lite to water, or drink a flavored water with no calories to keep hydrated and full. Diet soda is also a big NO! It has loads of fake sugar that makes you feel hungry about an hour after you drink it.

Stop eating late night! Have a nice small “snack” around 7 pm and nothing after. Make sure your last meal of the day has protein and a little bit of fat.  I love:

salads with balsamic vinegar, with some tuna

a lo-cal protien shake

fruit with a greek yogurt

a low sodium can of soup

some nut butter with an apple

Obviously you’ll need to cut out the “white stuff”- bread, rice, potatoes. And when it comes to the following- just say no! :

fried anything, mayo, creamy soups, salad dressings, most sweets, chips, most fast food.

I hope this will give you a push in the right direction, within 3 wks you should notice your pants will be baggy. If not- email me your food diary and i’ll tweak it for you!


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