“In The Name Of Love”

Last night I went to support a group of friends at Maven’s charity date auction.

I have some of the most attractive, successful, kind and confident pals around- but standing on stage in front of hundreds of people who are bidding on you- well- it’s just plain bonkers.

(aka- There is NO chance my cowardly butt would get up there)

Imagine standing on stage under the hot lights, sweating the fact that the economy sucks- knowing that there is a chance you may be sold for 30 dollars. All while the emcee is reading bullet points off an index card that include your “type” and “worst date ever”.

My friend De’mar sat and watched me squirm for my brave friends as they were auctioned off one by one. It was interesting to hear the eligible singles “selling points”.

De’mar perked up when an attractive girl in a tight skirt breezed on to the stage, but quickly cringed when she mentioned her love of “nice dinners”.


I made eyes at a sexy former reality contestant- until he bent over and shook his ass at the entire crowd.


We both agreed that my friend Jessica- co-founder of CheekyChicago.com- was the night’s class act. According to De’mar- Jess was “chill and sexy without trying” and “not high-maintenance”. No coincidence that she went for the top dollar amount of 500 cool bills.

While we went to the auction to show support for Sara Vargo and Maven, the night proved to be very insightful … and with S.A.D (singles awareness day) right around the corner- any help is priceless.

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