“V Day”

Red Dresses and a pink purse

Red Dresses and a pink purse

Valentine’s Day rocks when you are single.

When you are in a relationship- no matter how much you may try to ignore or downplay the holiday- it’s still there looming. Do you get a gift? Go out to dinner? Stay home and do nothing?

Always ends in a fight or with disapointment.

This year the day fell on a Saturday and created a buzz in the Chicago air. My brother (in town from Boston) and I sent txts to our many valentines- laughing at the reactions we received.

RP hosted cocktail hour for his single friends- which turned into a mini-party fueled by pink champagne.

It took two fully stuffed cabs to take the giddy crew to the main event. Once we entered T’s gorgeous apartment- the ladies wearing stilettos were asked to removed them to avoid ruining the wood floor.

If you want to enrage, freak out or rile up a group of women- asking them to take off their shoes will pretty much get it done quickly.

“I’m so short!”- “I need a pedi”- “I feel naked!”- “I need those shoes with this outfit!”

No amount of fancy wine could calm this crew. Mom always said to wear clean underwear just in case of an emergency- add pedicure to that list.


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