“Keeping Up”

“Khloe Kardashian will be our guest celeb”…

I read the email, re-read- then text messaged all of my friends who would care that I would be joining Khloe on set the following morning.

I’ve met Kim on several occasions, both for work and play and she is hands down one of the coolest and sweetest celebs out there. Khloe is known for being a fireball and I was pumped to see if it was the real deal or all for the E! cameras.

From the second Michelle, Eqypt and I were introduced- Khloe was nothing but cool. She was funny, candid and stunning. The camera does this girl no justice. She is tall, thin and smokin’ hot.

The show went without a hitch, and I was smiling even as I boarded my flight back to Chicago. As I waited to board I looked over and saw the unmistakable wavy hair of Nate Berkus!

I said hello, proudly displaying the pair of Brian Atwood pumps I had on. Nate seemed pleased with my outfit as we chatted and I made a mental note to always dress for success!

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