Equinox has jumped on the technology bandwagon. They allow you to book your spinning bike on-line up to 26 hours in advance.

So for my Saturday 9 am class with MW I can book my bike at 7 am Friday morning.

It just so happens that at 7 am on Friday mornings I am on a spinning bike in Kimberly’s class. I’ve tried to book at 7: 15 when the class is over- but by then it’s full.

Yes- people actually book bikes at 7 am-26 hours in advance.

This morning I had to get off of my bike and sprint to the computer upstairs to book tomorrow’s spot in class. My hands were shaking as I navagated through the site- and I wasn’t alone. The girl next to me was equally as stressed.

By 7:03 there were 3 bikes left- and I had mine locked in.

This is insane- Equinox needs a new system… but damn is Michael Wollpert a great instructor!

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