Last week I realized that 98 percent of the things I did were out of “obligation”. Having a schedule that’s planed by the hour has been making me feel claustrophobic lately and instead of complaining- I opted to fix the problem.

Goal- keep it random. Saturday I dodged every attempt at plans and opted to be selfish.

It worked:

8:30: Equinox- ½ hour early to score a spot in spin class.

10:30: – gasping for breath during Michael Wollpert’s treadmill workout.

11:15:- acknowledge blackberry and respond to emails, txts and bbm.

12:30- eating weekly veggie burger sans bun, side of fruit with RP at brunch. Try to come up with a way to speak with handsome man next to us.

3:30- doze after watching 30 Rock and Nip Tuck

4:40- tandem stop at a discount store ends up providing “Seinfeld”- style comedy.

6:01- spotted! “Jim” from “The Office” shopping at Water Tower with David Schwimmer and Joey Slotnick.

6:02- laughed very hard while ordering wheat grass shots.

7:58- feel like a tourist after spending 2 hours in FoodLife food court.

8:20- same feeling is back as we finish our Wao Bao broth in a hotel lobby

10:15- Trying a new glass of wine at the bar at Feist as we follow Twitters, FB status updates and respond to txts.

10:20- I realize I am wearing a pony-tail, no make-up and my brother’s shirt at a new local hot spot and don’t care.

11:30- set alarm for NYC flight, in bed

Totally unglamorous day, fueled by impulsive decisions.


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