No more toxins

I’m not blaming it on Koi NYC or any “friends” I hung out with Saturday evening- but somehow I came down with a horrible stomach bug Monday morning.

Those who are close to me are well aware that my biggest fear in life is throwing up- so hearing that I started getting sick on the flight back- was great for getting sympathy.

Dr. Mitchell Kaplan is an amazing friend and Doctor. He helped me walk through food poisoning vs stomach flu, and checked on me often. Ladies: he is single!

My trainer Michael Wollpert texted me almost every hour, as did my bff Chris Alperti in LA.

RP as usual came through with saltines, gatorade, diet 7-up and green tea even though I tried to slam the door in his face. (I HATE people around me when I am sick)

My friend Gina D. was recently sick and expressed that when she was better she planned on doing a cleanse. I rolled my eyes until I got sick and now I empathize with her… and totally agree.

The thought of putting anything “bad” in my system especially alcohol seems insane to me right now. I live a pretty healthy dilligent life, but I realize how much healthier I can be by getting rid of toxins like drinking.

This is my post-sickness voice talking, hopefully I’ll listen to it for at least a few weeks…

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