“Nice Flower”

TCW Singles Party Re-cap:

6:00 party starts

6:08 KZ is at Charles Iferegan as Aaron Scott finishes my hair and calms my nerves.

6:57 KZ walks in, alone- has to stand in line and walks into a room packed with people – immediatly greeted with a bright camera light

7:05 a TCW staff member ties a corsage on my wrist indicating i am one of the 30 “singles” and pushes me into the crowd with a smile

7:06 “hi- im (fill in the blank with a man’s name)”

8:00 KZ is drinking bottled water sweating, looking for an escape. I find the outside cabana area of NV, drag my fellow “single” out into the cold with me as we take a breather.

8:10 more people, introductions. The room is packed with eager Chicago singles.

8:30 a match-maker asks me to join her “service”

8:40 the cute single from the issue arrives- I zero in and try to flirt

8:41 i have NO game.

8:50 I’ve found a seat with Kristen from Grace PR- there is a wind machine- we are occupied like kids.

9:00 my Atwood’s are killing me, and the silent auction is over. I pull an “Irish goodbye”.

9:30 crawl into bed- happy to have only consumed h20- and to be single…

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