Such a Grown-up

Dhani Jones

Dhani Jones

Friday night rocked. AB left my friend Gina and I sweet tix for the Blackhawks game.

We ate soft-pretzels (yes I got a tummy ache later) and even though we were sitting with some of the players families and friends- Gina who is from Columbus- jumped out of her seat every time the Bluejackets scored. Gina had to be up early to run 12 miles(?!?!) so she was more than happy to call it an early night after the game.

Saturday I got up to run my usual 6 mile jog and wasn’t surprised to find a line at 8:15 am at Duffy’s in LP. I remember when I used to adore St. Pats, eating “Tommy Tomatoes” from PT’s and drinking green beer.

Not this year.

St. Pat’s 2009 was the day for headshots. I swung by Lux Bar to see my friends, and I’ll admit that I was tempted by a mimosa- but resisted!

At 2:30 I started the process of hair and make-up. Aaron rocked it and Andrea from Sue Devit at Barney’s killed it on the make-up.

6 pm I rolled into Reeve’s place- a bundle of nerves. Tyler immediately took control by showing me the story-board and talking me through poses.

I started off very awkward, but the advantage of having people who know you shoot you is that they know what to say to loosen you up. The two spent over an hour working with me and I was happy with a bunch of the pics- I can’t wait to see them!

By the time we finished I was STARVING and joined my friends at Sunda for some fantastic food. Crab-cake dusted ahi–tuna! I even ran into Dhani Jones at Sunda- an NFL player I used to work with all of the time at NFL net. He is one of my favorite people because he breaks all the stereotypes NFL players have. He’s smart, driven and thinks outside of the box.

That’s why I love random days, that end in such fun that I almost forgot that I “missed” the green beer earlier. I hate to say this… it pains me… but… I’m over St. Pats.

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