I am blogging from my new little laptop. Vince helped me pick out the perfect model.

When the laptop arrived Vince told me it was very important that I decide on a name and sex for the 3.5 sleek beautiful machine. He said I could have time to think on this one.

After 5 mins I’ve decided HE’s perfect. Still debating on a name for my new guy… wow- I am offically a tech geek. In fact, the hilight of my day was when MSNBC’s David Shuster “tweeted” at me. It all started when I saw the following tweet on my homepage:

Shuster1600@wingrsock You really rooted for MSU? Sparties would never do the same for UM. But, no harm cheering on the Big Ten. So, go Boilermakers

So I interjected at tweeted right at DS:

@Shuster1600– that is so untrue. This former Spartan cheerleader was pulling for U of M today.


Shuster1600@kellizink A former spartan cheerleader rooting for UM? Now I know why we lost today… good grief.

KelliZink@Shuster1600– karma my friend… Coach Izzo will be expecting to see you in green and white until “One Shining Moment” is played.

Shuster1600@keliizink There will be no “green and white” or Coach Izzo tributes. I will simply wish you “good luck.” Spartan fans need a lot of it.

Pretty bad ass… but seriously- Go State!

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