I can not believe MSU won.

According to my dad I have said that 400 times since yesterday.

Yesterday was amazing. We started the day off at the Fournier-Kazan’s house in Royal Oak. I went to college with Kellee and she is now offically a grown up living in a phat house.

Chris Chelios has a sick bar in Detroit- USA Today dubbed it as the offical MSU bar. When I heard this I called a few hockey friends to get the inside track and make sure we’d be ok to get in.

At noon there was already a line to Comerica Park- about 100 people long. There were 3 tents with a dj plus the bar with 4 floors… insane. The sun was shining, msu tats were applied and old friends came together.

Chelios was super cool to me and my friends, checking in all day to make sure we were all set.

Tim Bograkis and Matt Ishbia who played on the MSU team had a party on the 3rd floor for alumni… and as usual I had to be sneaky about getting in. The alumni club spotted me ASAP and I was a marked woman.. but Randy slipped me a wrist band and I was in!

Winning the game was nuts. I can’t wait for the championship tomorrow!

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