44th Ward

Grilled Cheese. Who doesn’t love it?

In college every Friday was grilled cheese day at the Alpha Phi house, and we lived for those grease bombs.

My friends that created my favorite bar on the planet (AK) have now come up with a genius idea called “44th Ward Dinner.Party”.

It’s a bar/restaurant that only serves grilled cheese… in endless varieties.

44th Ward is in Lakeview/Boystown hidden in a tiny townhouse. The decor is old-school Victorian and the vibe is comfortable and laid back. Think AK with tables.

Gina D. and I were smitten with the cute bartenders immediately. The menu is a dream for all kinds of eaters- including vegans that eat lo-carb.

I was “that” girl and brought in my own loaf of bread for the chef to cook with. (stop judging)

My “zegan”  (zink vegan) creation had: soy cheese, vegan bacon, avocado, and apples. Y.U.M. I dipped it in the best honey mustard i’ve ever tasted.

BTW- the handsome guy behind the bar in super stylish garb washing glasses is the owner Steven Westman. Steven is so laid back and approachable- not to mention uber cool without trying at all.

Before we left we had exchanged cell numbers, and made plans to check out Steven’s other hot spot: Bar De’ville.

44th Ward=’s 5 stars. You must try it… trust.

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