Losing your voice makes one very aware of how much they talk.

I guess being a groomsman in a texas wedding didn’t help.

Wedding highlights:

grooms cousin- a zac efron look-a-like

rehearsal dinner at a mexican restaurant followed by crashing an advertising conference after-party with the groom and his two best men.

wedding day of working out, breakfast and beer run with the groom.

the cake falling over, rain, band going on strike, limo backing up during vows, heels stuck in mud, standing on groom’s side, bride cool and calm through the chaos =’s best wedding ever.

5 am flight to NYC, met up with NFL net crew post 12 hour live draft coverage. Mayock slammed a pint in 1 min.

Quality Meats for dinner with a great crew followed by a Japanese karaoke session. I actually joined @CaseyStarbuc and Marshall on the mic for a few songs including: “Mrs. Officer” and “The Good Life”.

Mike and Juliet show… then back to Chicago- sans voice.

I talk a lot and often… I am blaming the horse voice on airplanes and a hint of swine flu. (I kid)

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