It’s been way too long since i’ve blogged.

I haven’t been to NYC in 2 wks and I normally write on the plane…

I’ve had an incredible weekend. Friday night CS Magazine hosted a table at a very nice black tie event and asked me to be a guest. I spoke with Howard Simms who has been in journalism for ever.. and we had a great discussion about how the art of the written word is dying. I admitted that I get most of my news in the morning from my Twitter feed and the newslinks it provides.

Saturday I got a ton of stuff done and met RP at Veil (the new club he is opening). We walked around the neighborhood and stumbled upon Koros.

I’ve heard about Koros, but had never taken the time to go in. Big mistake. The shop is amazing. I walked out with a really cool moon and star necklace and a fantastic pair of shoes. Serious shoes- spiked heel, green python…I suggest you go buy them. (imitation is the highest form of flattery)

Saturday night I went out with my neighbor Kim to watch the Blackhawks game, then we went to AK for Pete Wentz’s after party. Fun times.

Sunday I went to 44th Ward for a vegan grilled cheese.

Perfect weekend.


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