The word Pause has several meanings- I like to use it instead of saying “wait”,  “hold on a sec” or “slow down.”

You ask my friend DJWS what it means and you’ll be directed to the “Pause Police”. To him and his friends, pause means something totally different.

For the past couple months my blogging has been on Pause. Between news hits for CNN and Fox shows, pilots we’re shooting for CelebTV, and two volleyball leagues- I had no desire to spend any extra time in front of a computer.

Until Phil and Timur came along.

Phil is a web guru and is behind countless websites along with his right-hand man Timur. He gently reminded me that if I’m planning on linking to a blog on my Twitter page, I should a. keep it current and b. make it look good.

These two guys took my vision (keep it simple!) and executed it in days. I couldn’t be more impressed with what they whipped up.

So I’m warning you now people- I’m back to blogging. If you want a “Daily Dose of Zink” please keep the following in mind:

  • I  am horrible at spelling, and since I spend most of my work day editing myself-  don’t expect perfection from me during my downtime.
  • I’m pretty honest and don’t expect anyone to agree with my opinions or random thoughts.
  • This isn’t the platform where I’m trying to impress anyone with my intelligence, or deep thoughts.

Thanks again to the two guys who made this possible, and if you want to see more of the work they’ve done or get in touch to jazz up your blog/site- check ’em out at:

For now I’m pressing Play again…

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