If Continental Airlines had managed to get me to Mexico Saturday then I would have missed:

Sitting in John Cusack’s box at the Cubs game with RP

Donny Kruse’s surprise 50th birthday party at Stanley’s

Angels and Kings 1 year anniversary party- and knowing what really went down with Mr. Wentz and a “fan”

Morgan’s stand-up comedy

Sitting outside at Cedar Hotel and Rosebud with Chelios, JC, Reid, Jack and neighbor Kim

Kari’s birthday party at Stanley’s

My first trip to Bar De’Ville and first dark and stormy cocktail

Realizing that no matter how disappointing a moment may seem, another moment is right around the corner and it’s up to me to make the next one positive. I should have been at that wedding in Ixtapa- but I must admit, this turned into one of the most memorable weekends in Chicago to date.

Lemonade is better than lemons, and I’ll take mine with extra sugar please…

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