Skin to Win

Last night I checked out Mr. Skin’s 10th anniversary party at the Wit Hotel. I got an invite through the RP company who threw the event because I went to Michigan State with the head PR girl,  Jen Styles. Jen is inspiring- she’s worked at CNN and took a gamble on a new company moving from NYC to LA. It was nice to see a familiar face who is kicking some major butt as a professional.

The party was pretty darn cool- Hornitos provided the drinks, and the dancers wearing only body paint were a nice touch. But the best part was meeting Mr. Skin and his wife. Jimmy was once a guy in a bar with a pipe dream of starting a cool company- and 10 years later he’s an uber successful father of three.

After the event I swung by Cedar Hotel for a girlfriends birthday and hung with CC and JC for a bit. The best part of the evening? When my guy friend who was on a date insisted that he walk me home- not only did his thoughtfulness impress his date- but it reminded me that gentlemen still exist.

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