Isn’t it funny how some people just make a party more fun?

Throw them into a group and they’ll instantly come up with an interesting topic that sparks conversation amongst strangers.

Wednesday night I checked out the Hotel Felix’s new restaurant “Elate”.

Zapwater PR had assembled a great crowd, packing the place with familiar faces. I intercepted two of my friends who were headed for a casual dinner and the three of us sipped a cocktail and checked out the menu. My friend who is a bit of a picky eater pointed out at least 5 things he would enjoy eating- making this a perfect date place in my opinion.

Check it out at http://www.elatechicago.com

RP and Ted Widen who started the wildly popular website Chicago Scene joined us and pretty soon Ted had us all roaring with laughter over Franzia wine.

While this may not sound like a gut-busting conversation- that’s what makes Ted such a great party trick. He’s one of the few people that can be thrown into any room, bring people together and have them leaving with a laugh. Then like a tornado, he exits as quickly as he arrives making his mark on the crowd.

Cheers Ted- cheap or expensive we’ll raise our glass with you anytime.

Here’s a shot of our crew from last night taken by Ted:

RP, ME, KZ and RHElate Photo

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