Second Time Around

Perception is NOT reality people- especially when the “reality” is on a network like Bravo.

Don’t get me wrong, I live for Top Chef. Swoon over NYC Prep. Tivo Millionaire Matchmaker and Die for The Rachel Zoe Project. But I’ve learned that the men and women on these shows are playing “characters”- it’s not a true depiction of how they live their lives.

Wednesday night I co-hosted an event for NYC Real Housewife Alex McCord at her new designer re-sale shop “Second Time Around” in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

Alex and I did The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet together and clicked off the bat. She’s nothing like her flamboyant, borderline snooty character on the show. In real life Alex is sharp, friendly, genuine, honest and a caring wife and mother who is able to totally laugh at the way she’s portrayed on TV.

We kept in touch and I was honored to help launch her new store here in the Windy City. The event’s other co-hosts; Candace Jordan and Ryan Preuett really made this night rock. Candace draws an amazing crowd of media and Chicago’s elite and RP went to the top with Moet and Belvedere as liquor sponsors. The four of us made a great team.

Alex took the time to pose for endless photos and meet with guests and fans. She even sported a Nicole Miller dress from the store that cost only 68 bucks!

I scored a sweet pair of $28 Serafontaine jeans that were in flawless condition, and would have bought a killer pair of Brian Atwood pumps if they were just a size smaller.

I chatted with Alex about the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of NYC and I’ll post the full interview on I’ll tell you this much- I can’t wait to “Watch What Happens”…

Alex McCord and KZ- Berry Chill


  1. Rachel Levy says:

    Kelli – Thanks so much for hosting last night! What a great turnout. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm for our store opening. I hope to see you soon!

    -Rachel Levy-
    Director of Marketing and Social Media

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