Joe Gone Wild

What is wrong with people?

As I was leaving my Core Fusion class this am feeling more “zen” than usual, I read’s story about Brody Jenner’s girlfriend getting punched in the face by Joe Francis.

The story goes as follows:

Brody and Jayde were out for Brody’s bday.

Joe Francis was trying to hit on a girl he used to date.

Jayde who is friends with Joe’s ex, saw it and threw a drink at Joe who then punched her, pulled her hair, threw her down and started kicking her.

Brody then fought back, but security tased him.


Jayde shouldn’t have thrown that drink, but Joe served all that time in jail and STILL beats a female in a Hollywood club.

This is the man who has raked in millions for “Girls Gone Wild”- and he can’t keep it together?

Moral: money can’t buy sanity just ask Chris Brown, Ryan Alexander Jenkins or Joe Francis.

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