I’m not shy about the fact that I believe in “alternate medicine”. Two years ago my stress level was at an all-time high, so high that a doctor told me I had an ulcer.

Ulcers at my age aren’t cool or zexy. I began to explore options outside drinking horrible medication and popping pills.

Karyn’s Raw in Chicago is an amazing place. After an hour with a talented holistic therapist I was given a new prescription:

Cut out dairy, fake sugar, gluten, meat (at that point I still ate chicken and turkey), start drinking water… the list goes on.

Within four weeks my stomach problems were gone, my skin glowed and I had endless energy.

Yada yada yada- I haven’t been as diligent and lately I’ve been feeling tired and “off”.  A trip to Karyn’s confirmed it- my body hates dairy, fake sugar and gluten. In fact, after some tests my friend informed me that my body is in a “toxic” state. (apparently drinking isn’t good for you*) It’s too easy to slide back into old habits and if we don’t take care of ourselves- it’s too easy to get run down and sick.

The past few months several people have passed both in the Hollywood spotlight and in my friends lives and it’s never been more true- Life is too short to not be our best.

If anyone would like to jump on the get healthy bandwagon with me- there is plenty of room. Send me a tweet and we’ll do it together. Or email me at I’m starting small- with a goal of cutting out the above for five days… then building from there.

Any takers?

* italics is my font for sarcasm

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