War Eagle!

Alabama is country but not with a “k”- trust.

Anyone looking to de-stress should book a flight to Birmingham asap, in fact- I was so realxed that I hardly looked at my blackberry all weekend. But I did have some fun too:

  • Dinners with Dash and Vale, to make up for the missed Mexico wedding. Dash was in town fliming “Lifted”, and joined us like a tornado each night after work.
  • Drinks with the neighbors, in their quirky and stunning home.
  • Discovering the cute shops and the friendly southern charm of the locals.
  • Silence at night, aside from the cricket symphony.
  • Auburn football- walking into that stadium filled with a sea of orange was unreal. Sitting 20 rows up on the 50yd line taking lessons about the war eagle- I’ve never seen grown men and women so excited to share their customs. Some men really did have suits on, and the girls sported sundresses with fans.
  • Driving for hours without traffic through green hills.
  • Watching boy wonder Todd Stevenson play guitar- words can’t describe the way this kid feels the music.
  • Becoming fast friends with a couple who’s also new to town.
  • Hooters with the boys on Sunday talking about football, and the simple things.

Thanks ‘Bama- I hope to see ya’ll again real soon…

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