Beach Bummin’

The common theme of my LA trip was “I miss you but love Chicago!”

This is truth, kind of. To be honest, now that I’m back in the grey skies of the Midwest- I find myself missing the beaches of Santa Monica… big time.

Here are some reasons why my trip rocked:

La Grande Orange- hands down one of the coolest spots in LA, great food (try the veggie burger, or the tofu burrito) friendly staff, a beach vibe and mega celeb sightings. (Hi Molly Ringwald and Jud Apatow)

Shutters Hotel- wow. Unreal location, comfy beds and a balcony with an ocean view. (I forgive you for late check-in)

Running on San Vincente- my 10 mile jog thru my old ‘hood brought back too many memories.

Dinner with Gina, Sunny and Alperti. Cache in Venice is the perfect spot to grab drinks and small plates with old friends and catch up.

Nikki’s in Venice however is not- but thanks to Stallings and Swill for making the trip! (and Gina for dancing)

NFL Network reunion- I miss watching every game while Worm is screaming, Marshall is muttering under his breath, Mooch is asking if I’m married yet while reminiscing about his days in Detroit, Eisen is fumbling with the remote, Selz and I re-hash the weekend and mistakes, Josiah and the PA’s are nervously logging games, EW and Steve are crackin’ jokes in the boss’s office and everyone has genuine love and support for each other.

Rosh Hash dinner- Melman’s family welcomed Cara Z and I with open arms as we dined al fresco (and I knocked kishkie in the bushes), drank wine and brainstormed disco.

Drinks with AC and Cuba at Boa- some things never change.

Comedy Central Emmy after-party- I walked up to that velvet rope like a fish out of water, touched a real Emmy and watched talented dj Grahame Funke at work before heading to Hyde to see DJWS do his thing.

Breakfast and the Surf shop with SC

LGO Windy City West- wearing a name tag proves extremely helpful at parties… wish I could do it all the time. Thanks to Graham, Alexis and Peter L for showing support. Jeff Garlin is my hero- love the dude. Best part? Chatting with Oliver and his wife and DJ Morse Code (confession: what’s your name?) about diamond rings (and CZ’s!)

4am lobby time with the Melman women- Molly and Martha are amazing.

I miss it already.

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