Fast Day#2

It’s 12:38 pm on Day two of my BluePrint cleanse and I’m not hungry. Nope- instead I have a major case of gummy tummy.

Gummy tummy is the feeling you get when you’ve only had candy for dinner, or right after you eat a donut.

I’ll admit- I haven’t been following the BP perfectly. I added the liquid Vodka last night- which is strictly forbidden (obviously). To be honest- that’s my lifestyle.

At about 2:09 pm yesterday I wanted to quit. I was starving and over not having food. So I drank juice #6- which is a yummy cashew milk with agave and cinnamon, felt satisfied and made it through the party.

I like all of the juices except for the green #5- but I know that’s the one that’s full of healthy greens.

Today I’ve had #1, #2 and #6 again so far- because once again I felt like bailing at lunch time. I’m feeling a bit sloshy with so much liquids- but I’m not even remotely into the pizza that’s sitting next to me at work.

My energy level is very high, despite my vodka intake last night and I’m starting to lose my desperate craving for food… we’ll see how long that lasts.

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  1. Julie Glissman says:

    Hi Kelli,

    I am so interested in hearing about the cleanse and how it turned out. I checked out the website and the drinks look interesting to say the least. Do they really taste ok, keeping you full and energized? I’m not sure I could go without food for three days, but could be up for the challenge. Are you also keeping your normal workout schedule while doing the cleanse?

    Also, congrats on the half marathon!! I’m preparing for the Detroit half in 3 weeks.

    I’m so jealous of your job and lifestyle. I lost my job at GM last week, so am now full time searching for a new job and something I want to do. I am thinking getting out of MI would be best. I know you have a ton of contacts – my passion is Human Resources, and a close second is product marketing/communications and PR. Any advice? Would totally appreciate any help 🙂

    Take care,

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