Second City 50th Reunion

I’ve got one of those embarrassing really loud and distinct laughs. The people that can tolerate it stick around and some actually find such humor in it that then in turn laugh as well. That’s my perfection- when a couple of people find pure joy in the exact same moment.

This weekend former Second City cast members came back to the Windy City for a series of reunion shows, screenings and panel discussions. Many of my favorite shows (3o Rock, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm) all feature actors who developed their skills at Second City.

On Sunday my buddy (and hero) Jeff Garlin invited me and my friend/co-worker Ted to attend a panel he was speaking on: The Second City: From Stage to Screen, featuring; Jeff, Jim Belishi, Betty Thomas, Dan Castellaneta and Harold Ramis.

Ted and I worked with Jeff on an piece we produced for an ABC holiday show – we are both in awe of his creativity and talent, and the three of us steal moments during our busy schedules in which the two “children” seek advice from our mentor.

Listening to Jeff amongst this group of talented people was a true treat.

From Jim’s recounting of how he found strength to preform the night her found out his brother passed away, to Harold admitting he’s still an insecure person, to Jeff’s hilarious reactions to his friends- I was captivated for the entire hour.

Being around real actors, directors and talent is such a refreshing pause from what the mainstream seems to find interesting (Jersey Shore cast) and I walked out feeling truly inspired.

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