The Bravery

I can’t really recall the last time I was star struck.

During last night’s Q101 Twisted Christmas concert, I had a “fan girl” moment that caused my friend who witnessed it to laugh.

My friend Ryan Lange is top dog over at Q101 and I put in a call to him once I realized that his station was hosting one of my favorite bands- The Bravery.

Ryan hooked it up. I got to hang out with his work friends back stage and enjoy Jameson cocktails.

Then came the moment i’ll never forget- Sam Endicott walked out of the band’s green room and asked for a cool place to hang out after the show. Ryan and his friend then introduced me to Sam as a “huge fan”. I thought it would be a good idea to prove that I was a true fan by playing Sam my Bravery ringtone. I was extremely nervous to meet him and was strangely shy. He was a good sport, and a very nice guy.

With my “artist” badge I was allowed to watch the set from the side of the stage next to the guy running the sound board.

Ryan said I danced like a dorky little kid the entire time, and I’m pretty sure he’s correct.

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