Haute Yoga

I made it 30 years without  the peer pressure of Bikram- aka: Hot Yoga.

It’s all the rage and, Twisting yourself into odd positions in a crowded room with the heat cranked up to crazy levels  may be good for you… but it’s just not my thing.

The fact that I don’t like close contact with strangers (or people in general), heat or yoga kept me away long enough- but after reading how de-toxifing the practice is… and seeing my yogi friend’s hot bod’s…I decided to give it a try.

The yoga seed was planted by Kirta Carroll, and watered by Gina DiCello . Both babes ditched me day-of, leaving me at CorePower Yoga in the Gold Coast solo.

I didn’t bring water or a towel. Big mistake.

The 60 min class challenged me mentally to endure stretching inches from a stranger while sweat beaded on every inch of my body…but came up short physically.

Despite my cheerleading, dancing and bedroom gymnastic (kidding) experience- I am not flexible so that part was challenging. I just didn’t feel the “good pain” I’ve found during an amazing yoga or core fusion class.

I’ve got a week free- so I may go back… but is it so bad that hot yoga may just not be for me?

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