Miami Was Super

Out of the 7 SB’s I’ve been to- Super Bowl 2010 was the hardest I’ve ever worked.

From the second we got off the plane, until we headed back to the airport (straight from a shoot)- we only broke to shower.

That said, it was also the most fun…here are some of the highlights:

Wearing amazing clothes and jewelry from JLee Silver

Training with the same guy who taught Jamie Foxx, Keanu Reeves and Adam Sandler how to be athletes in their films.

Feasting on fresh seafood on the beach.

Arriving at Chad Ocho Cinco’s mansion party just in time to grab an exclusive interview with him.

Interviewing Willis McGahee in his crazy huge limo on the street in traffic.

Abandoning shame and catching athletes as they left ESPN’s party for impromptu interviews.

Jen from Bolthouse giving us 3 VIP passes for the 944 party.

TV’s on the ceiling after a long night of work.

Proving that no matter how inexperienced our beach bowl crew looked- we had more contacts than any other media outlet on the carpet.

Eli Manning acting with class and staying focused during our interview.

Laughing with Extra’s Will Demps pre-media madness.

Realizing that Kellen Lutz may be zexy in movies, but he’s only playing a character.

Working on a beach in 80 degree sunshine.

Landon brother surprise in the hotel (of all the hotels in all of Miami….)

Chatting with Kevin Frazier at Michael Bay’s party (Kev’s an idol of mine).

2nd position on the Maxim red carpet.

Pizza with my amazing producers Becky and Dana.

Being told “You are a total pro.”

Landing with 5 mins left in the 4th- just enough time to see the saints pick Manning twice and go on to win SB44.

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