Oscar Sunday

I spent my Oscar Sunday in a most unconventional way.

The morning kicked off with hockey. My friend Lauren Tallon knows I’m a huge Wings fan so she invited me to be her guest for the Red Wings vs. Blackhawks game…knowing full well I’d cheer for the away team in her family section seats.

I kept the cheering classy as Detroit won 5-4.

Then I went with Mike to Jerry’s to screen our Tribute to the Movies Oscar Special. Nerves were at an all time high, for many reasons. I actually ordered an avocado and peanut butter sandwich and mac and cheese- that’s the state of mind I was in.

The Lakers/Magic NBA game went over almost a half an hour so our show started already in progress. This was a huge bummer since one of my favorite interviews with Quentin Aaron from the Blind Side. Then the sound at Jerry’s wasn’t working so our friends and family couldn’t hear a thing.

My producers Becky and Dana worked their usual magic by slipping in a DVD of the show and fixing the sound.

It was surreal to see and hear myself on the big projector, and I felt very proud as text messages began to roll in from friends I haven’t heard from in years.

The best text was from someone who had never seen my work, it read:

“Congrats. You were perfect.”


When the show ended I went into the studio and watched the Oscars with the staff while we had sushi and laughed together…all of us exhausted.

I loved Sandra B’s dress and I am going to see The Hurt Locker as soon as I can.

Awards season is over, could a vacation be in my future?!?

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